Social responsibility

We believe that a responsible company does not focus on financial indicators only. Therefore, the environmental and social impact, i.e. the footprint that a company leaves with its existence, is also important to us. Being a part of the environment, we care about our employees, the community, our partners, society and nature.

We will make effort to develop Estonia as a sailing and maritime country and to restore maritime traditions. We are long-term supporters of the Muhu Väina (Moonsund) regatta, and we also supported the Ice Sailing World Championship in 2019. We have also participated in the Muhu Väina regatta with our team on Reval Cafe Elisa Sailing yacht in the amateur league.

We also consider the development of the local economic environment and cultural space important - in Estonia, Finland and Scotland, i.e. in all PRFoods' operating countries and home markets. Since 2018, we have helped the NPO Visit Saaremaa, also contributed to the NPO Estonian Culture Chamber, supported the Hanaholmen Business Forum in Finland, the Glasgow Culture Week in Scotland and the opening of the Arvo Pärt Center.

Our future is children and young athletes. We have supported the activities of these target groups in Estonia through the long-term support of Simple Session, in addition we helped to organize the Sumo European Championships in Tallinn. In cooperation with Postimees Group, we have supported the project initiated by them in 2018 and 2019: Successful people help deprived children (MTÜ Koos Laste Heaks). Through the Good Deed Impact Fund, we have also brought six very important initiatives to life in 2017-2020, which will solve acute problems in Estonian society – from education, social inequality, public health to the environment.

PRFoods' greatest asset is our people, we will continue to support the culture and economic life of our employees in our neighbourhood, to sponsor sports events and help deprived children.